Anyone Know How To Joomla/css?

Hello boys and girls, I’m in charge of getting a pay site done, basically a subscription solution thingey. Nope, not porn. ;)

Anyway, I’m just getting into Joomla, I think it’s absolutley awesome but know next to nothing and would really like some guidance. How to implement the design is pretty much my biggest concern, as I have very little CSS experience. I’ll come with more specifics tomorrow as I get into it.

Anyhoo, I’m sure I could google it all up, this would simply be a lot more pleasant. :)

And, if there happens to be somebody knowing joomla in Oslo who could help me out, concider this a paid job, and contact me by sagosen at gmail dot com

Joomla is nice but I prefer silverstripe or drupal. Drupal is stable as hell and used by, too :)

I’m no fan of security holes, as a matter of fact, I’m pretty scared of them! As this is my first pay site, I really want to keep the content + account infos safe. I’m in contact with some joomla developers, but they’re fidgety and slow in their responses, so I’m really reconcidering my options here. I honestly don’t think I can do this by myself if it’s going to be professional and secure.

You think that either of you two could help me out with a frame for my solution if I provided the design and full content?

Well, it’s not as much a blog site as a steady release of videos, guess you could say it would work pretty much like a porn site, without the porn bit. I can’t disclose too much publicly as we plan on testing this in Norway first, than create regional sites for other scandinavian countries, Germany, Switzerland etc.

But, put in steps, we need;

  • Free content for non-registered users (should be simple enough)
  • Account registration for a paid subscription that doesn’t end until user says so (it’s cheap, so that shouldn’t be a hickup customer wise. I’m thinking register and confirm first, than paying options, this way it would be easier to simply manually change the status of users who aren’t supposed to pay anything, buddies, uploaders of videos / editors of content)
  • Users should have stats of their downloaded material and PM contact with content editors / video uploaders
  • Content Editors (or instructors) can post items on customers’ profile, a schedule for example.
  • Webshop, a few items available for everybody, doesn’t necessarily have to be logged with the subscribers, but that would be nice as well
  • A forum would be nice.

I’d support your efforts but I lost my job recently and started in another company… I was not at home for a month…

Is all good, I’ve got myself a partner here i Oslo to work with, quite convinient. :)

But thanx a lot anyway! Really apriciate your answers, both. We’re going with Drupal also, as he was recommended that CMS.