Anyone Know Of A 'beat Slicer' Style Vst?

Hi all,

Am currently enjoying my migration to Renoise from FL Studio far more than I ever would have imagined (SERIOUSLY - It has helped me to enjoy making music again!), but I DO miss the Fruity Slicer / Zero X Beat Creator plug-in from Fruity Loops.

Could anyone point me towards a VST that will do the same thing?

For those who don’t know, it is a program that you can load a drum loop into and it will automatically chop it up and map the bass drum, snares and hi-hats to seperate keys for playback (like an instant drumset).

Even better, is this a feature that could be added to Renoise in the future? :w00t:

Thanks in advance.


Nope. You`ve to map it by yourself.

Monotron: try googling for Phatmatik Pro. I can’t remember who makes it.

there are some, phatmatik, bombthatbeat, but none of those are as good as the FL slicer … seriously, I have a friend using FL and he himself says that this is the only good thing in FL … and I agree.

there is one called “reflex” from basement arts which is perfect, but its frigging expensive (190 € for a drumloop-slicer … too much for me).

Jesus Christ - are you insane? That could take MINUTES!!! :P

Thanx for all your suggestions folks - I’m off to D/L some demo versions! :guitar:


what about ni intakt?

imho intakt is okayish, but makes certain things unecessary hard to handle. for example you need to resync/reslice every time you load a new drumloop. atleast that resync thing sucks, you cant just try different loops at the song-tempo with one click.

so i need to use fruity as a vsti to take advantage of the beat slicer…haha