Anyone know of a breakbeat recognizer?

I have this snippet with it pitched up and it maybe all oneshots, but its not layered and doesnt have much on it but dynamics, for the world i can’t remember out of the 25-50 main breaks I use to play with, all i remember is the break was in a samplepack from competition 2 on it’s not rare but one thats usually layered.

Anyone know of a breakbeeat recognizer? like maybe something that could match up layers and also it fresh with shazam?

i’d start with posting the beat on some playable medium like youtube or soundcloud, so people could make an educated guess.

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:rofl: Excellent point.
Looking for this break

check from 2.30 on.

Of course the version in your example is sped up :slight_smile:


Reminds me of aphex Iz us. Wonder if he used that

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That’s a well known break,I’d say you could post 90 per cent of all the breaks here and some one will most likely will be able to find it for you,renoise forums IS the break recognizer!

I have a peculiar one that I might post here because I have never found it,I have my suspicions but I could never trace it back to anybody,it bugs me because it’s so old and nobody knows where it comes from,I know it’s name ‘tuffjungle’ and I think it may have come from an old dogs on acid sample pack,I’ll post here in a while,amazed if anybody could find it or even the pack that it comes from