Anyone Know What This Skit Is Called?

In episode 101 of Jump Cuts, a show put out by Comedy Central, there was a short skit that had these two people arguing over an answering machine to the point of them eventually breaking up over it. One of the phrases that was said several times was “Pissy Gina”. I’ve only been able to find a picture of it and what episode number it was from, but I can’t find the name of the actual skit.

Here is the picture I was able to find of it:

If anyone knows what this skit was called and where I might be able to view it, that would be great. Supposedly all the skits on that “Jump Cuts” show are available online.

Hey, I found it! Yeay!! :)

It was called “Beep”, Written and Directed by Victor Varnado and played by Jamie Denbo and Colton Dunn.

Exellent. :)