Anyone know where I can get some baggy 3/4 length shorts?

Its summer, nice weather is coming back, started to feel too hot wearing jeans.
However, everywhere I go looking for shorts they are all those ‘short, shorts’, like above the knee length.

I always used to buy the baggiest possible skate shorts which are comfortable and ‘calf-length’ or ‘threee quarter length’ as some people call it.

I cant seem to find baggy 3/4 length shorts anywhere these days. Can someone recommend a particular skateshop or snowboard or surf shop online somewhere that still sells those ultra-baggy 3/4 length shorts?

cant find them anywhere

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It’s not quite what you’re looking for, but if all fails: find super large second-hand army pants (you know, with pockets on the side, without camo there’s all sorts of nice colors), cut off however much of the legs, and move the button so it fits around the hip (the idea being that you buy them several sizes too large, to get the bagginess).

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ah, maybe I can try that. I dont get it thesed days everything is ‘slim fit’ or ‘skinny fit’. I go into a store, spend an hour checking everything, its all skinny fit, nothing fits. This really sucks.
You remember those old school skate shorts? just so comfortable in hot weather…just need those type of shorts like the guy in the right of this picture below…ive seen people wearin them still but where to buy? its like long shorts have been banned or something. Im quite a large guy so this whole ‘skinny fit’ business is messin with me

Go to a place where they sell workers clothes i would say…
I always wear these shorts for installation work these days…

sounds baggy to me:


Not sure this is what you are looking for. And depending of your morpho of course.


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I just dont get it, these days they are selling jeans and shorts that are like stockings or tights.
Take the example below, the shorts are the right length but they have the retarded ‘skinny fit’…if you are not a real thin guy you have no options. Thanks, I will try some workers clothing place…used to be able to get nice shorts anywhere, dont know what happened. they entirely disappeared an yet i still see people with them, so I know they are out there somewhere. I just need a brand name of a company that has them and Ill order enough of them to last. Its a weird phenomenon, chubby guys going around in skin tight stuff. fashionistas purposefully making normal peeps uncomfortable all day in all this tight shit.

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JC Penney might have stuff like that under the Arizona brand name. Maybe.

After a long search I have found what seems to be the last place on earth that has them, a company called ‘molecule’…but not sure if they ship worldwide. If anyone knows of any companies that sell shorts like the ones below please let me know so I can google them…sorry for the randomness of this thread

maybe some of the metal people can still get these longer 3/4 length shorts…just tell me a brand name or online store if you know someplace that has them…

I found some ‘metal shorts’, but they had a dumb print on them so I dont really want

LOL you made my day.

Thankyou, placed an order for those. Man, long 3/4 length baggy comfortable shorts are hard to find these days, its crazy…

found the eu store for ‘molecule’, the last shorts company that does shorts other than ‘short shorts’ above the knee…its below if anyone else has the shorts search problem, no one should have to go through it just to get some decent shorts. goddamn

Why not go to a tailor store or private person who is into sewing and has a machine, and let them cut and reinforce the border of some of your long baggy pants…it’s a rather easy task to do, I cannot imagine it being very expensive…

That is an alibaba product there so probably too small and low quality as well

if your looking for 3/4 length baggy shorts I found some other good ones.

These are very long and very baggy, good for summer.

Im pleased with the fit and the quality.

They also have large sizes in case you are not looking for ‘very female booty pants/short shorts above the knee’ also if you are not an extra slim midget like most of the shorts manufacturers these days expect you to be…

3/4 Length Fatigue Pants 6 Pocket Military BDU Rip Stop Rothco

those ones are comfortable