Anyone know why the LFO is not resetting back to zero on each Reset?

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Clip in the link…I don’t know why it’s happening. I’ve played with the parameters on the LFO but none of them get it to reset at zero each time.



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From the manual:

  • 00 restarts the LFO from the beginning.
  • 40 restarts the LFO from a quarter of the way through of the cycle.
  • 80 restarts the LFO from halfway through the cycle.
  • C0 restarts the LFO from three quarters of the way through the cycle.

Whatever is triggering the reset isn’t sending a value of 0.

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Solved: I had a Key Tracker triggering the LFO Reset, and needed to set the Dest. Max. to 0 for the LFO to restart at the beginning of the cycle each time.

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