Anyone know why the LFO is not resetting back to zero on each Reset?

Clip in the link…I don’t know why it’s happening. I’ve played with the parameters on the LFO but none of them get it to reset at zero each time.



From the manual:

  • 00 restarts the LFO from the beginning.
  • 40 restarts the LFO from a quarter of the way through of the cycle.
  • 80 restarts the LFO from halfway through the cycle.
  • C0 restarts the LFO from three quarters of the way through the cycle.

Whatever is triggering the reset isn’t sending a value of 0.

Solved: I had a Key Tracker triggering the LFO Reset, and needed to set the Dest. Max. to 0 for the LFO to restart at the beginning of the cycle each time.

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