Anyone listen to Old School TECHNO?

During my high school (and college) years, this label ran things in my town:

Example tune:

Still at it!

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The very good example tune you shared makes me think of one other very good techno group of the 90s called Underground Resistance:

Argh, now I’m nostalgic of this good old fuckin (techno) times…


Hmm time to rip me some videos …

Oh man I could listen to these for the rest of my life and totally ignore current mu$ick …

Oh well what the hey, EVERYONE knows this one! smile.png


Halo World, I now have 18 songs created between 2016 to now using RENOISE.

I’m going to plan how to release it while giving RENOISE credit because it’s the best DAW I ever used for the music I do. I want RENOISE to be successful. I like RENOISE.

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I agree…the techno of the late 80’s and early 90’s was raw and hit hard…I have a passion for that era. I feel the same about the industrial music of that time too.:grin: I wonder how many of those tracks were made with trackers in comparison to hardware sequencers (analog and digital) /and early midi software sequencers.

For the great 92/94 era, there was DJ Hooligan too.

This one is softer:

This one is harder:

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A few others.

Very sensual one:

Very classic one:

Very chilling one:

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good old minimal techno, no music had kicked me like that

I bought this old school 1991 Techno Rave cd vol 1 called TECHNO TRAX. I think this is a ZYX records release. It’s German Techno as it kicks ass and lots of German vocal movie phrases/speeches. I dig a lot.

There are I think 12 volumes… I just ordered the volume 2 - 3.

Three classics of the 92/94 era.

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very nice thank you all… This is the style of Techno I love… It has melody, crazy sound spikes, and not just like the techno today that goes “wooomph woomph woomph, with the white noise again”

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