Anyone listen to Old School TECHNO?

I’ve been listening to some Utah Saints, 808 State, The Shamen, Digital Boy, EON, Front 242.

The sound of early 90’s Techno is just plain in your face awesome… Melodic and they don’t all sound the same(all REVERBYYYY)…

Anyone listen or remember these cool awesome TECHNO/TEchno POP bands?

I only recently heard Dopplereffekt (GGesamtkunstwerk, Calabi Yau Space) and i found it great stuff. Also love to listen to some classic acid techno, like Asys, D.A.V.E. the drummer or Emmanual Top among others.

I still listen to Front 242 quite a bit, they have remained a favourite of mine for decades now. :yeah:

Just checked this out on youtube now, this is great stuff! :walkman:

I like Detroit Techno a lot. Derrick May is pretty amazing.

Oh yes. Front 242 are awesome, especially from 1993 onwards. Although not really techno.
But I still listen to a lot of my favourites from back then, techno, trance, ambient, breakbeat/rave etc.
Some favourites: Ramirez, CJ Bolland, Sven Vath, most everything on the Harthouse label, also R&S records, EyeQ records, Joey Beltram,
Hardfloor, Altern 8, Speedy J, Future Sound Of London, Phuture, Plastikman, Pete Namlook, the list just goes on and on… :slight_smile:

Those were the days.

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yeah, big fan of 808 state, jeff mills, sven vath and all that good stuff. enjoy a lot of the modern more clinical techno too, but that oldskool sound is still very uplifting.
And oh, Hardfloor! so delicious…

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Hello all, thank you for the replies… I have discovered new music thru this thread alone. That was my intention. here’s EON with Spice.

Baby Ford’s BFORD9 album, Digital Orgasm (which is Praga Khan, the same guy that co-created Lords of Acid, Channel X, The Immortals, etc.), Joey Beltram, Acen’s 75 MINUTES (seen that selling for $200 on eBay, WTF?), Ramirez, D.H.S. (Dimensional Holofonic Sound), Dance or Die, Bigod 20, Meat Beat Manifesto, Josh Wink/Winx, Fierce Ruling Diva, Quadrophonia, Luke Slater, Ian Pooley, Olav Basoski, Bassbin Twins, Illuminatae, Sonz of a Loop da Loop Era, Bizzy B…

…R.I.P. Frankie Knuckles.

i like gesamtkunstwerk a lot i have it on viny it rocks :panic:


Awesome stuff, i dont know if im correct, but Arpanet - Wireless Internet gives me the same vibe of gesamtkunstwerk.

Yeah yeah CJ Bolland and FSOL`s tunes still kill it today

for example

A friend of mine reacquainted me with The Grid and their release Evolver - I had a lot of fun with their noise, especially with their blend of electronic and hillbilly in *Swampthing :D

None of the ones you mentioned are techno really. This is old school techno:

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Yay! Brings back memories!!
I remember being 16 years, first time in Amsterdam, finding a record store and listening to many many vinyls before deciding to go with this guy.
CJ Bolland is techno

Here is a 1992 french TV show with a music mix + video mix of oldschool techno (“20 minutes trip mix”)

by Matt Black from Cold Cut, with inside tracks from 808 State, Prodigy, Carl Cox, Age of Love, etc…


The oldest techno:

This is another oldest techno:

Can’t beat that date (1970!) but let’s keep trying?