Anyone Live Near Nebraska?

Kansas City, Denver, Iowa??? I need a tutor and I would be more than happy to pay you for your time. I live in BLOWmaha, NE and am a vocalist/noiseician. I have played the drums for 18 years but blew out my arm in jiu-jitsu. I purchased this application with the hopes of being able to add an aspect of glitchcore to my projects. Currently - the glitchcore musicians who’ve inspired this aspect of the ‘Hyde’ project are:

Venetian Snares
Aphex Twin
Kid 606

I am VERY serious about this. Here is a link to my vox/sampling/resampling setup (case still being designed/built):

I posted on the local music scene boards and even looked on MySpace for local breakcore musicians and I’ve come up empty. Hopefully one of you lives within driving range and can help…

first thing that i can help you with is to move those speakers to proper position :)

ok joking aside, i just wanted to ask… you need help with what? i couldnt quite understand it from your post.

i live on the other side of the planet though :lol: so unfortunately i cant offer you my candidacy but was curious what is it that you need?

eh - those speakers are positioned that way cuz I’m in my quiet apt. (obviously not that way when performing live lol). It’s general help that I’m after - not specifics. I know how to make and master music but haven’t ever worked with the tracker format before and the tutorial videos and endless pages of newb guides, tips and tricks are helpful but NOTHING I’ve come across even REMOTELY teaches how to pull off stuff like VS (Aaron Funk) and the others are able to…

I have programmed a few things in Renoise by hand and tried real-time recording (which misses quite a bit of stuff). Once I can wrap my brain around this app - I’m sure I can pull off something new and interesting. So - that’s why I posted here - hopefully someone with a thorough understanding of Renoise lives within a 3 state radius and would be willing to help.

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I know “Benefit of the Boomerang” makes venetian snare type of stuff… (and pretty good i must say) so you can ask him for tips if you are into that type of thing.

and dBlue have made good program to IDM type of music, you can check this thread.

and also laurencedavies have made a plugin that you can find here

EDIT: but most important thing is to just spend time and experiment if you want to find something new and interesting. Unfortunately i doubt that you will find a teacher who will teach what you want… its just about exploring and experimenting.

this is the third time I see someone offering m oney for tracking tutorage.

Maybe I should create a worldwide school for tracking talents? :rolleyes:

…maybe you should. Cuz there’s people like me who have the cash. I suppose I could sit here and experiment for months or even years and go through the endless frustration of trial and error and still be at a significant disadvantage


pay someone who knows what the hell they are doing to explain it to me and teach me in a way that makes sense to me and get me brought up to speed so I can incorporate it into my craft as soon as possible.

They have photography classes, Adobe classes, guitar lessons, etc… I just think it’s counterproductive to expect someone who has little or no understanding of the guitar or drums or Adobe or Renoise to just pick it up and teach themselves through trial and error and forums and experimentation - what a waste of precious time! I did that once when I taught myself 3-D panoramic virtual tour photography ( It SUCKED and TOOK FOREVER and it’s still only a half-assed hack job.

Thanks for the info :) I’ve looked at several .rns files and that’s the only reason I can do what little I can do so far. I’ve played around quite a bit - but could still use the flesh and blood help of a human being. I appreciate the link (am scouring it now). Anyone else???