Anyone Made Videos For Their Own Music?

I know a few of you like JBL and K303 have done some cool videos for your Renoise music. I’d like to start a topic about it to see what people are up to! I’m especially interested if you’ve done something in a simple free tool like iMovie, but it isn’t just a boring collection of still images. The reason I bring it up is that I’d like to do one myself, eventually. Would be nice to know if I can pull off something cool just with the laptop and free software.

So yeah, link to your stuff guys. Maybe blurb about how you did it. Thanks! :)

Oh btw, if you’ve made something utterly amazing with pro-level software/gear, by all means share away. Inspiration welcome ;)

We did make a music video for our band (we made one album and that’s it, the whole project was just for fun), finnish ninja rap: Ninjameininki - Varo ninjaa

Working on something with iMovie composed of clips off of YouTube.

First music video, so isn’t very awesome…

Looks real pro dfast! :) NIN-YAH! hehehe

Wow that clip kicks ass!!
I know how difficult it is to make a descent d.i.y. clip and this turned out very cool!!

@ mr_mark_dollin – If you can find a super8 camera at a garage sale, get one. I bought one for 5 dollars, though I haven’t used it all nor have had it checked if needs work. I have another one which does snapshots for stop-motion + time lapse + macro lens + ability to change speed if one needs to capture the details in motion. Its not instant gratification like digital, its a different experience, with more steps involved I’d say…choosing the type of film for example. I only recommended it because of your analog sense.

Super 8 footage Kodak Tri-X reversal film

Tim Burton’s Vincent

Here it is, in celebration of July 4. My first, so not very good, but practice makes perfect… :unsure:…h?v=JGGzWyj3VuM

Posted this in the song forum already, but anyway… this is the latest project i’m working on. It’s not finished yet. I used Jitter, Maya, Flash, After Effects, hand drawn artwork, drawing with a wacom tablet, some crude digital film of dripping ink into an ice cream tub.

You might not want to use imovie… I know you enough mmd to know that you will need a tool more serious that imovie.

Final Cut Express would be a good way to start, it does most of what Final Cut Studio does in terms of editing a music video… if I remember correctly, imovie has only one track… I think I prefer not knowing more about imovie anymore as I couldn’t care less and knowning its details will probably generate some rage in me…

I tried FCE and it was all a bit too hard for me. Just don’t have that time to invest in it all…

Amazing vid there genfu!

I really think it’s worth it to learn the software… it shouldn’t be too hard for someone who manages to use trackers and DAWs… it’s the same thing really… just a little bit less well made.

You will need some tools to polish your videos, most of the time, those tools aren’t in imovie… you know you wouldn’t master your tracks in garageband, am I right?

its not renoise im afraid, and i just used moviemaker to chop up movies. but i think it worked out allright. Now when im making movies for our songs i use Resolume. Seriously, resolume is an awsome weapon.

I agree with what you’re saying, but that’s not the issue. The issue is time and energy, and the lack of it for me. If I ever do a video I just want to knock up something quick and simple so I’ve got a presence on YouTube. Anyway, it’s not happening any time soon so I’ll stick to what I’m good at.

tbh you probably want something like after effects… but i’m not aware of anything similar which is free. its not difficult to make some reasonably effective stuff quite quickly with AE., you can just layer material, add some visual filters and a bit of keyframing envelopes and you’re away. of course it depends how long you want to spend on it or how deep you really want to get into it. but if it’s just for youtube then its going to be crap quality video anyway isn’t it. if you have interesting source material you don’t necessarily need to spend a long time doing post-processing if you don’t want to. i think these fuck buttons videos are quite nice examples. except the first which has almost no editing, they are just made with some basic layering and effects + imaginative source material. they can’t have taken long to make but they work quite nicely for youtube i think. the main downside to working with video though are the lengthy rendering times, which really slows the creative process.