Anyone Teach Music Composition?

Hey Guys,

Looking for someone to teach me how to go about composing great sounding music,
im a beginner and have a stack of loops/samples, played abit in renoise and got nothing special, some things that sounds good until i hear them a few days later.

So I was wondering if anyone teaches music composition or how to get some great beats/music going?

Im pretty keen to learn so i’m happy to pay for your time as well.


don´t think someone on this forum is able to teach you such a huge thing. we are talking about years ;)
the best way is to learn it by yourself via internet ect. today there are so many sources to learn music production.

good luck and always have fun doing music :)

i’m interested too… links or tips for books on the subject would be awesome. it is kind of an abstract subject.

That ebook looked fine to me when i discovered it some times ago (I’ ve never had the motivation to read it, yet) ravenspiral guide
but i don’t know if it could help to compose beats.

if you want a physical book on the subject, you could probably do worse than checking out something like this:

quite a hefty book to invest in, i had a look at it in the bookshop this week. i think it covers most of the theory you’d want to know fairly comprehensively. it won’t tell you how to actually compose beats, but i think once you have a grounding in the theory you’ll have an idea how to approach sound generally. you can figure out how to apply it for what it is you want to do by listening, experimenting and composing. this book is also a main course text for music tech at my university:

thanks everyone for all the responses its been a great help - i also got a muso mate of mine to help me irl

There’s a free book about producing music:

That book references this book too, which has good reviews.

/book learning

Also, try to learn by seeing what others are doing and experiment with things. Inspect other tracks carefully and try to see how they exactly made some piece.

I don’t think this is a case where you can just throw money at the problem :D
I took piano lessons for five years when I was much younger but probably only learned three years worth of piano out of laziness… but when I got older I picked it up again on my own and progressed much faster. So in my experience the best way to learn is to do it yourself.

I read the ravenspiral guide a few years ago and it was very helpful for me in learning the basics. The author has a very straightforward and easy to read tone, and explains things in everyday english w/o using lots complicated music theory terms. Highly recommended. I’ve also bought a few books, some of them helpful, some too advanced for me. I really liked this one and would also recommend it.

I’m probably gonna get some flak for saying this, but be careful how much music theory you expose yourself to. Theory works for some people, but for others, like myself, it is counter-creative and reduces the feeling of freedom you really have when writing music. I’d say learn your way around the piano keyboard. You don’t have to be a good piano player to compose, but you should know which notes are which and a few types of chords; that kind of theory won’t hurt. Trust your ear if you feel as if you know what you want to hear. Transpose your song a few half steps up or down before going to bed and listen to it the next morning in a different key. That will you help you tell whether or not you’re happy with what you’ve written… and most of all, have fun and experiment!

Best of luck to you!