Anyone Tried The "laser Keyboards"?

saw this while somehow finding my way to the skymall site,

deeper search then brought me to think geek, making me think i should ask if anyone has used renoise with it yet! :)

Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard…376&c=10260

I think most of us are typing by sense in the fingertips and not by watching the keyboard.
This seems like a nice gimmick but I think it is useless unless you are placing a mat under it that gives you a feel as for where each button is (with the small bumps on F and J)

Seen some reviews of it… most people claim it’s pretty useless… but it might be good if you need a keyboard for your wireless devices.

I have one of these, bluetooth and such.
You need a paid driver for special mobile platforms like Symbian R3.
But they pair with any Windows XP/Vista machine without drivers and work like any other HID keyboard.
They are small, are more confortable then your phone keyboard, but never better then a real keyboard.
Trust me, i have it for several years now, and the only reason i use it, because im too lame to
plug in an old kvm-switch and type some commands to my server.

also, it requires a flat surface, and preferable a bright one.
If you can see a red laser dot on something, you can see this keyboard on it.

But i bought it once for 145 euro’s, but now it’s not worth 50 euro’s afterwards.
If you live in the Netherlands and are ready to come by Limburg, it’s yours for 50 euro’s :)
in perfect shape with all things, and NO im not going to send it, come and get it :P

Yes it can do many keys at once, even better then a regular keyboard, but since you can’t feel the
keys, you hardly get used to it. So it’s up to you to decide if the keyboard is thát great.

though would be great if someone reverse engineered this, paired a few of the modules together and made a open source programmable controller!

That is not really needed, it’s a keyboard allready so you can use Renoise with it :D
Mine has no delay so it can be used for that, but the sucky thing is still: it’s not very practical.