Anyone using DJ Swivel's The Sauce VST with Renoise?

I want to try out DJ Swivel’s The Sauce but the UI goes all black when I use it in large projects (=using several GB’s of RAM). And it crashes Renoise, when I close the UI or release the plugin.


Vst3Plugs: Releasing: DJ Swivel: The Sauce...

CrashLog: Handling Exception! Code : C0000005
CrashLog: 00007FF8D94AA113: ExitDll +167313
CrashLog: 0000000000000001: ??? +00000
CrashLog: 00007FF8D96A7F72: ExitDll +365172

Application: Caught an unhandled fatal exception (Thread: GUI)!
Application: Saving a backup...

Anyone’s got any luck using the plugin in Renoise?