Anyone using MuLab?

Howdy everyone, I may be in a position to teach a course in electronic music production in the fall at a local college. One of the candidate DAWs for the course is Mutools MuLab. I’m reading reviews, etc. off the 'net, but thought I’d ask the friendly folks here as well.

Just wondering if anyone has, or is, using it and what do you think of it? Features, stability, pros and cons …

Cheers and thanks.

I have this marvellous software. It also can act as vst host inside Renoise for more advanced routing, called then “Mux Modular”. The license seems to be lifetime, pretty awesome. Sadly I did not use it very much so far (because I always forget about it), so I wouldn’t call me an expert. But it is for sure a no-brainer to buy. It can process midi, audio, audio-to-midi etc. Mulab 8 is on the way and will have time stretching.

It doesn’t have a lifetime license like FL Studio, but the software and the upgrades (€25) are inexpensive. It’s done by just one guy with Atari roots (I always felt the software has an Atari vibe, somehow!). The core is MUX, which you can get separately as a VST to use in other DAWs (Mulab has it built in). I haven’t done much with it, but always plan to (too much distraction, too little focus). The latest version handles high dpi displays fairly well, too. I find it much more accessible than a lot of other DAWs, though it’s not as fully featured as some, but I feel increasingly more drawn to a “less is more” kind of approach to music (and everything else). Mulab’s definitely worth supporting – and I just upgraded my license to v7 after reading your post. :slight_smile:

Yep, I’ve been messing around with it a bit and quite a nice piece of software really. I think students will find it straightforward to work with too.

Btw, I understand completely about the “too much distraction, too little focus” stuff. :wink:


Very amazing DAW without a doubt. Im sure the one man team would love to sell to the education sector, It also will allow you to show them basic modular synthesis