Anyone using Wersi keyboards from Germany?

The Wersi brand seems to be least known in many keyboard discussions and I came to know about its existence just yesterday. Being surrounded by Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Kurzweil and other electronic brands Wersi never even came forward with marketing. Their website is also quite terse and basic with useful information nonetheless but no About page that I could find about. It’s a company in USA and if anyone can find a bio would be great.

Also if you use this keyboard, highlighting any cool feature would be a great thing since this is costing 2000 euros upwards and is generally seen as an expensive catalogue. They seem to have been around quite some while and they also make organs and monitors.

These keyboards have unique large 11.6 inch (nearly a foot long!) touchscreen display and run a customised version of Windows XP. Also the demos and sound samples are all in German and I could not find any review on Sound on Sound website. Is this really some local secret gear or something, funny how I never even heard about it.

Serious :blink:

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Yes, there is one in the renoise chat, he is quite an expert with wersi and also hacked the firmware and wrote an html5/javascript editor for it. Maybe you should talk :slight_smile:

lol getting the kicks out of the mental image of some uber geek running renoise on the screen of a fucking 40k€ wersi pergamon, programming breakcore by dancing on the foot pedals, and dub effects by pulling registers…

its not secret, its just very very expensive. the type of gear mostly only professional and very serious classical musicians would use when their scholarship or top class payment would allow. classical musicians here dwell in their own space in culture, rather far away from dance/mainstream/entertainment musicians.

just like you won’t get the fucking serious ashtrays in the opera lobby at ikea, I rather not want to know the price of the things, and they seem to be designed to handle expensive cigars with ultimate grace…

According to the demos this is very dance music friendly, also does the OpenLabs thing far better than they could. The Pegasus model would be a banger much like the Roland Fantom series. Expensive like hell though.

i learned to play organ on wersi and hammond (hohner! anyway that shop hat dozens organs and keyboards and i forgot it) organs in the 80s. i remember franz lambert being some sort of idol when i was a kid. my dad always received wersi flyers via mail, they always had some presenter on it like klaus wunderlich. :blink:

I had a little bontempi when I was a kid ,

No ashtray though

I love Europe ?