Anyone want to do a synth component group buy?

Hey, so this thing is on my ambitious project list : mfos soundlab ultimate and expander.
It’s a very capable 1V/oct analog semi-modular DIY synth.
MFOS Soundlab Ultimate
I wanted to get the PCBs for the ultimate and expander, along with the harder to source components direct from the supplyer in the US and then source the remainder of the components here.
Most components get cheaper if you buy them in lots of 10 or more. There are a number of components that are used more than once in these synths, certain transistors, tantalum caps, op-amps, diodes and ICs, low variance resistors and pots, lots of pots and pot caps.
Just putting a call out to anyone who would also want to build themselves one or more of the projects from that site. There are big savings to made by pooling orders.
This is a long term project for me and it’s something that will depend on Xmas/birthday money, so I wont be pursuing it till atleast January probably.
Anyhoo just putting this out there, just in-case someone wants to make their own awesome analog synth and save a bit of money.
The sounds in “welcome to the future” on this bandcamp page was made entirely on the soundlab ultimate (with post reverb and tracking obviously).
Lektroid: Welcome to the Future

I live in Ireland BTW. This call goes out to UK / Ireland renoisers

let’s go ahead and close this thread before somebody gets scammed.