Anyone Working With Node.Js?

I’ve tried to run the windows binary version but it gives me errors having something to do with modules in the wrong place.
Other than that, it looks very interesting. probably works better building from source on linux or OS X.
I’m thinking once I figure out how to get this worky, I will be able to complete a project I was working on quite awhile ago.

this is how I found out about it:

very cool stuff!

Man, I love that you guys worked the forum to autoread video links!

Anyway, back to dubject, this osc-web needs a proper write up!
with all you guys using monome’s and and everyone else with androids/ipods and touch screen pcs.

that’s why I put calling create digital music.

er, I forgot to say osc-web uses websockets so only chrome and safari browsers work with it currently unless you do a bit of configuring in others.

I figured it out!

basically just say F*** IT and make it a service as per this dude:

or if on mac use this: