Anything new in VST / VSTi plugins / bridge behaviour?

I ask it mainly coz of 2200 plugins that i have, should i check them all again, or it’s all same as 2.8 (except auto-suspend)?

btw, please make flag in preferneces to set default value of auto-suspend, that would be the most apropriate way i guess…

Plugin database altering for advanced users:
Download FireFox (regular or nightly) if you don’t have it
Download the SQLite manager plugin
Load your CachedVSTS*.db files into it (select show all files filter to make them appear in the file-browser)

Go to the Execute tab and execute the following:
UPDATE CachedPlugins SET EnableAutoSuspending=‘1’;

Do this for both the 64-bit plugins database and x86 plugins database.
Now all your plugins have autosuspending enabled.

This seems interesting (and completely new to me).

Could we do more administrative work on the plugin database with this?

Depending on what you need to alter, but i suspect you could even write a simple web based front end for it to maintain it.
The SQL Manager does a damn good job though, i even haven’t found a native Windows application that comes close to what the firefox plugin achieves.

I use SQlite databases for some of my own Autoit3 tools that i write.
Some interesting columns to alter may be the PresetPath, BankPath to set each specific plugin’s preset and bank path and any of the name columns (some of the plugins seem to use a generic name for each parameter making them appear as hundreds of the same entry)
In rare cases the IsSynth field perhaps may be need to be set to false (if an effect plugin is falsely advertising itself as a synth).
I would not touch the NeedStaticBuffering and SupportMultipleProcessor fields though.

Yep, fair enough, and i already did it, but…
It’s not very handy when every week you have at least 10 plugins to test…
I still pray for simple checkbox of default behaviour somewhere :D

Agree here, it’s too damn intimate settings for every particular plugin, even within bundles sometimes)

My main question still was: Anything new in VST / VSTi plugins / bridge behaviour?
I mean in core behaviour of how bridge works, coz i remember versions of Renoise some time before (when bridge was introduced) that made compatibility worse than before, so now i’d like to know was there any changes to how Renoise handles plugins or bridge them.

Unfortunately won’t work. Renoise ignores the “EnableAutoSuspending” flag when instantiating synths to enforce using the new behavior.

Re plugin bridging: nothing “fundamental” changed here.

That would then also mean that changing that option inside Renoise on such plugs has no use at all.
So the answer given changes all records in the database, but only affects all effect plugins?


Thx man, that new saved my day! :D


hmm…Wait guys, do you mean that SQL batch function won’t work, or that Auto suspend function is not working at all?

Renoise ignores the default “autosuspend” settings from the cache for synths and always disables auto-suspend by default.
When you change the auto-suspend option manually later on, this will be saved with the song.

Then you definately should make toggle of default behaviour…