Ap Ii


link to a new song… very … uhm playfull and fun



It’s alot better if you post a direct link.

Atmospheric Pressure part II

I’ll post my comments later :)


This song is pretty hot. I like it. Different style for you.

Kcirr3d, people think you are too dope! Me and my buddy were talking about “big money” a few days ago. I think “Electro breakdance” is my favorite. Not sure what my second favorite is… 'Aid Celecta" and “so f_kin ready” are tight. :P

I think what I like in your work is the tight drum work, baselines, melody and especially the interpolation of vocals.

:walkman: thank you very much Extacado
glad you enjoy this work of mine.
But I thought everyone hated “Big Money” :blink:

nah, looks like one guy rated you low on CTG, but f_k him. most ratings were high. Shitz dope. B)

Do your thing. I showed the breakdancers a few songs from you yesterday, and one from keith303 and they were really feeling it.

I’ll sure do …

here is the first part of AP. Melodies arent catchy but they bring that certain atmosphere. The drums are maniacal, breakdown introduces a caustic and industrial feel. Despite the ‘amen_wannabe’ beat, I like it better than part II.
hehe I reviewed my own song.

Atmospheric Pressure part I

Listening to this now…

Tight beat, very nice basedrum!

Like Extacado said, the way you implement the voices is awesome.

Sweet drums, I’m at 2:20 now, the beat is a little faster now…

I kind of liked the first part better, when the song kind of only suggested the beat in there somewhere.

Really like what you’ve done at around 3:50, just screwing around with efects is fun!

Really liked this stuff, awesome production!

Any mastering on this one or straight out of Renoise?

yeah it’s all Renoise… all effects and plugins

but after that is done, I render all tracks seperatly into an CEP2 to get a better overview of volumelevels in the mixer (because of killer cpu strain in renoise when all tracks are open) … and then some mastering EQ and hardlimiting for a nice looking wav-file