Apathy 13 ANSI art pack (with a 5 track ep by myself made in Sunvox)

So this is definitely off topic but I thought a few of you might enjoy giving this a whirl. Gotta assume there’s a few heads on here that remember the whole BBS thing and the ANSI art scene. Either way, I was a member of the group Apathy which today released a reunion/tribute pack after about 20 years of inactivity.

(Apathy was an ANSI art group I was involved with in the BBS days, this pack is a reunion/tribute pack. Quiver was the music subdivision of Apathy that I ran. Included in this pack is the first and quite possibly the last official EP length release for Quiver ie QVR001.)

Over 30 artists participated in the release. Download/view the pack which includes the Apathy 13 EP at the following links.

VIEW IThttp://sixteencolors.net/pack/apathy13

or directly download it @http://sixteencolors.net/pack/apathy13/download

Some killer artwork in this thing! ENJOY!

ps- all my tracks were created in Sunvox on an Android tablet.

Here is the “cover”