.APE Versus .Flac Sound

Have u compared?

I just encoded Edvard Grieg’s Peer Gynt suite No.1’s In the Hall of the Mountain King from EAC ripped WAV to both Monkey’s Audio and Free Lossless Audio Codec format and I’m hearing pretty big difference between these two. To not guide your poll I’n not saying it’s the high frequencies that I’m referring to. Oh well, now I said it anyway.

Like it was not obivous. And I think FLAC has better sound, despite I always have ancoded to .APE before this experiement.

Speak for your own experience please. Tell me/us what you think of these two and why, And which one would you prefer Renoise to support. Remember that .APE still takes less resources to play and makes smaller file sizes, and the difference in sound could maybe be very small or diminished in later releases of Monkey’s Audio.

That’s really strange, because they both are lossless formats. That means that the output is the same (since no information is lost) and you should hear no difference. Perhaps you can convert the .ape and .flac file to wav and compare them in an audio editor by substracting them from each other?

I’m no expert in the matter but I guess there are different .ape decoders around. As Man-at-Arms said they are both (widely acclaimed) lossless formats so there should be no difference but what if the data in the ape file is somehow missenterpreted…

As I said, I’m no expert but from what I could figure out from Monkey’s Audio’s homepage the decoder for winamp is not the same as the decoder for foobar. So my suggestion would be to try and play the ape file in different players to see if the difference is still audible.

I haven’t got the time to check this myself but I will do so tomorrow night.

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