► Api Changes + Fixes In 2.6 Beta 3

Issues which got fixed in Beta 3 are tagged as [Fixed B3] in this forum.

Most important fixes:

  • fixed a crash in Renois, that could happen after menu entries got dynamically removed by tools (via renoise.tool():remove_menu_entry)
  • OSX: fixed delayed, missed OSC messages (UDP packages in general - to be exact) - could maybe also happen on Linux
  • empty lists in tool preferences did not properly save/restore


  • UDP servers (from renoise.Socket) will no longer pass the connected socket with received messages, but only a socket which can be used to query the messages peer port and address.
  • renoise.tool().new_document_observable is now also fired when a tool reloads (either because of other tool installations or when AUTO_RELOAD_DEBUGGING or when using the “Reload All Tools…” option in Renoise)
  • renoise.song().instruments[].samples[].sample_buffer.selection_start, selection_end and selection_range are read-write now (but not yet observable)

Fixing bugs has the highest priority now. With the beta getting more stable, we hopefully will have time for other API additions/changes in future 2.6 Beta releases.

Happy hacking! :ph34r:

Been looking forward to this and shortcuts being remembered!

thanks !

I was sooo looking forward to this, but I didn’t expect it to happen this early. yay!

nice one, thanks!

Thanks for the drag and drop not eating the xrnx from it`s location now!

when by mistake setting floating point values for the selection, I got this (slightly confusing) error message:

start: 30414.793103448
end: 60828.586206897
*** std::logic_error: ‘invalid selection range. end must be <= start.’

I just noticed the API docs are much, much easier to read now - yay!!

Can’t replicate this here. That the values are not foor’ed, should not be a problem here.

hmm can’t replicate it either now, I just got that once, put in the print statements to see why it complained when the selection really shouldn’t be invalid, and then changed the code obviously.