API mouse support

So it’s possible to track/event

  • left mouse clicks for a specific gui area, like AREA_CURRENT_TRACK

  • tracking keyboard modifiers while clicking, like left shift + click

  • left mouse press and release separately

  • general simple function to get current mouse coordinates, so you could implement simple dragging, by calculating delta

  • mouse movement event, so you can get mouse coordinates live

These additions would make it possible to build nice tools for comfort mouse operations, like

  • dragging notes with delay precision
  • transposing notes by left/right mouse move


Or maybe this could be implemented just like another shortcut, like

“Pattern Editor:Track:Mouse Drag” which would give you delta x/y values, starting with 0 on first tick. So the modifiers could be setup in the normal shortcuts preferences…?

Some of this is possible if you restrict to just a tool GUI.

However I don’t think you can do it in the general application GUI. Some creative hacking can achieve some things but its not elegant.