Api setting for sample keyzones

I’m probably reading it wrong, or I’m doing it wrong according to the api, but how do I set the drumkit, distribute or layer mapping on the note-on layer using the api?
a little example will help.

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Would this tool help? I used it on a sample and it mapped it to the keyboard.

but that’s not what I mean.
I mean how to set the root note, note range and velocity correctly.
or how to set all samples to play at once. this does not work when slicing.

Got it !

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What does that mean? You figured out what you needed to do?

If you had a problem then there’s a good chance someone else will run into the same thing., and will search, and find this post.

Can you share what you did to solve your issue?

Forced to admit that there is no search box in the HTML API reference

Maybe just to download it with httrack,and convert it to PDF

My mistake, everything is explained in the API.
Somehow I missed it.


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