API to write to phrases?

is it not possible to write to selected line index in a phrase? like a note or a note off?

It doesn’t look like the selected line index of a phrase is available according to GitHub1s


Perhaps I misunderstand, but there is the phrase-mate tool (PhraseMate | Renoise).

Info: xrnx/Tools/com.renoise.PhraseMate.xrnx at master · renoise/xrnx · GitHub

which can input anything inside a phrase, or do you mean something else?

Also, access to the selected_phrase_line and selected_phrase_line_index will be added in the next Renoise update…


i need to be able to control the contents of a phrase such as delay column, panning column, volume column, or note off inputting via API shortcuts, and that requires there to be a way to get selected_phrase_line_index to exist. otherwise i’m fooling myself going:

“yes, write to selected_line_index” – which is actually where the pattern editor is, not where the phrase editor is. so my input stuff will show in the wrong place (let’s say i’m on phrase row 1 and my pattern editor is at row 48 → if i try to write to selected_line_index in the phrase, it’ll write to row 48, not to row 1.)

that’s why what taktik said about “next Renoise Update” API additions is amazing and great news.

wonderful news. i just hope nothing has been removed from the API functions, and it’s all just adding new stuff :slight_smile:
(don’t want cold showers again with some stuff breaking because they were removed)

anything else incoming? :slight_smile: