Apm Monitor

So this is an idea that could be inside or outside of Renoise. But I was watching random YouTube videos and came across one about Actions Per Minute or APM. Gamers in here may have heard of this. But I thought it would be a cool idea for at least a tool that could monitor your actions per minute as you write music. Attempting to keep my APM up while I write might actually help my write faster. Or at least keep clicking keys and pretending I’m doing something.

Nobody wants this but you. You’ll have to code it yourself. ;)

Can you point me in the right direction of the nearest knowledge?

Renoise Lua scripting API:

Be sure to read the quick guide on the front page there (especially the bit about how you actually start Renoise with the scripting editor enabled).

Grab the starter pack from the downloads page. It contains all the Lua scripting API documentation, some handy example tools, etc. And you can of course examine the code of existing tools from http://www.renoise.com/tools .

The Lua reference manual is also incredibly handy:

Generally speaking, though, can you define exactly what an “action” would be? While the Lua scripting API is very powerful, you still might find that you can’t actually track certain events that you want to. So before you dive head first into it, it might be better to familiarise yourself with what is and isn’t possible.


Pretty much any time a button is pressed. I suppose it go as far as how often a change is made to the song. For example anything that ends up on the done or undone list. In other words anything that can be ctrl+Z’d. If it was me, I would want to have 1 for every button pressed and one for every actully completed action.

This brings me to another thought/question. I will post it as a seperate topic though.