Apple AU Sampler only plays mono L


when loading the standard apple AU Sampler plugin on Mac OS 10.9 in Renoise 3.0.1/64bit

only the Left Channel is used (Mono).

On the Logic Host it is possible to choose the plugin for different outputs Mono, Stereo … etc. which works fine.

May be there are some other hidden settings i didn’t see yet?

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probably you want to get a stereo mic?

sorry, to be clear, i am loading stereo exs sample instruments, which work fine i.e. they are played in stereo :wink: on other hosts. in renoise only the left channel is played. it may be reproducible easily.

Look in the Plugin instrument properties and expand the Outputs & Routing panel.

If the plugin itself offers both mono and stereo outputs, then hopefully you’ll be able to tweak the routings in order to get a stereo signal.

i get only a mono signal L from the topmost bus. The Au Sampler is obviously not started in stereo mode - maybe in 16xmono mode, i guess it is not correct configured. In logic there is the possibility to choose between mono,stereo,8xstereo,16xmono etc… this is also visible by the output meters of th AU Sampler i.e. in simple stereo mode there are normal horizontal L/R Meters (in renoise it looks like 16xmono). It seems not to be possible to change the mode in the plugin itself.

Came here to find the answer, found the same problem with no answer. Sadness ensues.