Apple/command Key Causing Notes To Transpose

after recording pattern data, if i hold down the left apple/command key all the notes go up a step at a time. after this occurs, if i undo i get the message (bottom left corner) ‘Tranpose Notes in Pattern’ was undone. this is obviously making it difficult to give any other commands. to make other commands i need to do them quickly (tapping) without holding down the command key.

i’ve made sure that the command key doesn’t have an assignment (doesn’t even seem possible to give it an assignment all by it’s self), looked at the advanced editor and i’ve done a clean install but can’t seem to figure it out. am i missing something obvious? i’m not having problems with the key in any other programs but it may be my computer…? any help would be appreciated.


If pressing your command key is causing this, perhaps your F1 or F2 key is stuck for some strange reason.
Although, transpose by default is Alt-F1 / Alt-F2