Apple Hates Canadians…99&tstart=0

Feel free to contribute to that thread if you’re a Canadian iPod Touch or iPhone user

They so definitely deleted that thread

Ofcourse they do… discrimination usually goes hand in hand with censorship.
Freedom of speech to them is just a heap of Gorilla-dung if it is aimed to make their stuff impopular.
Just recreate the topic again and count down the amounts of deletions before they ban your account…

And try leaving out the words shitty and raped. Just an idea. Especially the latter - wtf!!! I’m not being touchy, I myself have compared stuff to rape in the past – but, you know, stuff that was FORCED on me/someone else (and even then it’s a bad comparison, and it’s ALWAYS guys who use it… facepunch) - you however are not getting raped at all. Nowhere near. You’re being fleeced, yeah. And it sucks. But the more restraint you use, the more weight your words will have. Which is kinda funny coming from me, but still true :P

It’s fucking bad enough with what shit one gets away on these forums here (I must know), but to expect that to fly on a corporate website is kinda silly?! You could even try irony.

I get discriminated too:

Error: you do not have permission to view the requested forum or category.

People still purchase apple products? (g)

There are also folks that still use Microsoft stuff. (WinCE devices etc.).
Honestly, how much choice do you have? if you cut off all the branches, there are only a few main cores left which are Beos, Linux and Microsoft. And whatever logo shines above it, that does not matter.

I’m no fan of iTunes, but I have to suspect that their hands are tied on this issue. I’m sure that the reason that iTunes works differently depending on the country is that record labels’ permission that was sold to Apple for selling music online is contingent on the country they’re selling it in.

A different country represents a totally different regulatory situation and a whole new set of contracts, I’m sure. They’re probably working on it, but it would probably be illegal for them to just give Canadian users the same access that US users get.