Apple Macs Will Switch to Arm CPUs by 2020

Great news for (consumer) iOS users. Bad news for (pro and prosumer) OSX users.

If this is true, most applications will need to be rewritten for the new ARM chipset in order to work for the new hardware. I doubt that this intended “Marzipan” thing will be performant enough for CPU sensible tasks like Audio DSP processing, so this will quite likely kill most of the prosumer apps on OSX (Audio and Video applications).

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Judging by their current record with considering audio users, I bet they don’t even test it with any DSP use cases in mind. (Presumably they’ll have a native DAW like Garageband though.)

This is actually fairly terrifying that Mac is doing this without support for DSP. I wonder what the future will entail with future applications and future support of many DAWs out today for Mac.

I read a rumor that Apple is working on an hardware emulation layer of the x86_64 instruction set inside their upcoming ARM cpus… This seems to be the reason then why they want to disable 32 bit completely. At least this seems to be much more promising than the Rosetta emulation of PowerPC was, but I am afraid it still will introduce a lot of latency and quite poor performance? It is a kind of an insanely complex approach, maybe just not true.

Bring back Motorola PowerPC.

as long as Renoise is well supported on linux i’m happy… :sunglasses:

Hmm ,and what about their own logic users ?

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What about all the nice plugins, often using even Intel assembler for time critical parts? I don’t see how this should work at all. It will runs, but as fast as on Intel? Benefits only for Apple, not for the users?