Apply DSP to repitched sample

I have a break that is repitched to fit the project’s BPM. I have an fx chain associated with it.
When I press the “apply DSP to sample” button, what exactly is happening ?

Is the DSP applied at original sample speed and I hear the repitched version of it, or is the sample repitched and the DSP applied later (which would fit the live version) ?

If the first case is true, the sound could be different… This confuses me.

Thanks for your help.

original speed
so any freq specific effects eg EQ will differ to what you hear
the workaround is to render the sample. this tool can automate the process somewhat so might be worth a look ModFXRender | Renoise

Thanks ! Good to know :slight_smile:

If I render the repitched sample, I lose the slices. If I copy the slices with the “slice importer” tool, they won’t fit anymore…

you can use the modfxrender tool to keep your slices if you use the ‘destructively render slices’ option first.

the other way is to render your sample at the correct speed before slicing or applying dsp. this is probably easier but takes a bit of forward planning

both ways are a bit fiddly but thems the breaks!

Thanks ! Will try the modfxrender method !
Yes planning would have been good of course :slightly_smiling_face:

haha yes planning is usually the best route but i know all too well it doesnt always work out like that! good luck with the modfx tool

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