Apply Signal Follower to Kick Drum Sample Rather than Current Channel

Hi there,

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the ‘bass ducking’ technique, whereby a signal follower controls the gain on a specified send track.

Is it possible to achieve the same effect by applying the signal follower to the kick drum sample, rather than the channel? When I tried it didn’t seem possible to send the signal anywhere? :blush: :wacko:

Any help, much appreciated.



You can do that using the macro control fx device, controlling the target instrument. The macro control in the instrument then needs to be connected to the target parameter. Normally the target track should be placed right next to the source track.

yes via macros you can control settings inside the instrument effects inside the sampler, inside the fx you can route samples to a seperate fx track where you can manipulate them seperate from the others. unless you config to do different, the result will then be mixed back together into the track.

or, you can use the instrument fx (the dropboxes to the right of the tracks) to let certain samples be output to a seperate track from the others, and then do the seperate manipulation on track/mix level.

Many thanks for the replies, it’s much appreciated. I think I understand what you mean. I’ll have a play with this over the weekend and see if I can work it out.



ah now I seem to get what you wanted, you want to sense only the kick drum with the signal follower, not the other drums from the channel. Classical sidechain. I first thought you wanted to manipulate the kick drum sample, which is ofc not the normal use case of sidechaining.

well, I use the sample output routing to route a signal to a seperate track, where the sidechain signal follower(s) can reside in. In the instrument with the kick drum in, I layer two samples upon each key slot that has a kick. The kick that sounds, and the sidechain signal. These can be different, and with this method you can fine-tune the response of the signal follower(s) pretty well. Being on the same note, each time you trigger a kick you will also trigger the sidechain in sync! I actually don’t even use a kick drum sample for the sidechain, but a “DC” sample which will output a positive value, and shape it with envelopes. It will be inaudible in the mix (muted after the signal followers in the sidechain track on the mixer), it only serves the purpose of controlling the sidechain. You can also use a copy of the kick drum, or any other sample that suits your needs.

Another hint, if you use this type of sidechaining in a cpu heavy project and use multicore, renoise seems to like it very much if you apply the sidechain action (to the bass, pads etc.) on seperate send channels rather than directly on the tracks. It will make things a bit entangled in the mix view, but will help renoise spread the cpu load over the available cpu cores.