Apply track DSPs not working properly

I just started a new song and was trying to clear a tone from a kick sample with a narrow butterworth 8n bandstop filter.

I added the filter on the track and tweaked correct frequency etc. and went on to applying it to the sample via ‘Apply current track’s DSPs’ in Sampler Waveform view, but the results don’t match what I hear when playing the sample from the track with filter, but instead it sounds like the filter is applied just a few Hz below what is intended.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or if it could something with my settings. Anyway it’s not a major issue for me (at least yet), but something seems to be amiss there.

attached .xrns has the sample before and after the apply dsp action, and the filter on track1.

Renoise 3.0 on linux with jack

4977 apply_track_dsp_bug.xrns