Applying Effects

Hello guys!

I LOVE RENOISE…but at the moment I’m stuck with a problem concerning effects. Is it possible to apply vst-effects to certain notes only, or just a subtrack instead of a whole track?? :blink:

You can’t apply VST effects to a part of the complete audiotrack. The audiostream of the whole track is pushed through the VST effect, this includes all subtracks.
You can turn off certain subtracks and only let that particular VST process it. If you have registered Renoise, you can render the output to a sample and play that sample in one of the particular subtracks.
But this is just a very cheap trick.

Best way is to split your subtracks into full tracks and let common effects be applied using a sendchannel. In that case you use four or five tracks that all five have a send-device pointing to the same send-track. In that sendtrack you add all VST effects you want to have applied to all five tracks and in any of those five tracks you insert only the specific VST effects you want to have applied on that particular track.
Insert the effects before the send-device or else the VST effect has no use (unless you toggled the “Keep source” button, but the VST effect-output is still not send to the send-track)