Aquilyzer - Maybe Somebody | Drum and Bass

(toimp) #1

Got inspired in Renoise Did a small liquid dnb tune. Feedback welcome.

(Zer0 Fly) #2

Very nice.

Only thing that popped to my mind is…the bass seems to be a sole subbass band sine. It has no ocataves/harmonics, it will be inaudible without good subbass speakers. This sounds very unusual for my ears… Also the band 100-200 hz is almost unused other than the kick body, which is in the upper range of that band. Lots of space there to make the kick and bass more solid, and to make the bass audible on systems that have weak subbass, and more satisfying in general…!

Keep up the good work…

(toimp) #3

I was trying to replicate the “Dave Owen” like sound. Which is usually this kind of Subbass. But you’re right, “bad” speakers cant play these frequencies. But my bluetooth headset is capable, maybe this have changed over years? On my smartphone speakers, its inaudible as you mentioned. Thanks for your feedback.

(Zer0 Fly) #4

Yeah, it is totally valid to make a bass like this. After all such music is supposed to be played on systems with big bass. Maybe just run through an exciter (and then lowpass to remove the edge above ~200-300hz), or add a subtle octave and 3rd, or so…the harmonics in the idle range 100-200 will make a big difference to solidity of the bass. That this range is idle in your tune will also allow even very subtle harmonics to have good impact - i.e. -6db or even less when compared to the fundamental - then you will have the raised impact without the bass loosing the “dull” character. Honestly with pure sine bass it sounds alien/different, and very unusual when compared to industry music - this will always have some bass expansion on the master that will add harmonics.

(EatMe) #5

I am a fan.

How did you get so famousse?

Excellent liquid drum and bass! Very summer-like vibes and I love the bass. Mix is pretty alright, although a little more clarification in the punch and attack of some sounds with compression would add to the sound… You may want to try the Kotelnikov mastering compressor which also has a free version at the Tokyo Dawn website. Also some more reverb on some of the tracks may add, i mostly use a multiband send with low off and only higher mid and high to a (longer reverb setting from) Beyerdynamic Virtual Studio, preset knob 4 Big Venue.

links: ( download Kotelnikov plugin
( - search for Virtual Studio and download the plugin