ARA2 Plugin Support

I did a search and saw it kind of mentioned, but nothing officially asking for it, so here it is. I know it’s kind of niche, but since the sample editing is so good and convenient in Renoise, it’s now my go to for sampling projects, I really love having the instument list as a container for all the samples in a sampling project, but sometimes I need the more advanced features of Acoustica, it would be really convenient to be able to use that from inside Renoise. But if it’s not really a possibilty then it’s not like it’s hard to jockey samples back over to Renoise. Purely for convenience’s sake… plus there might be some issues with the way plugins are used in Renoise to begin with as far as this goes, I’m not sure there’s even a practical way to implement it, at least the way I would be looking to use it. I did very recently pick up a copy of mixcraft (don’t laugh lol) since it has the ARA2 support and some video editing support and a lot of the time I’d need special clean-up tools is on audio for video anyway. So really having it in Renoise is just like a bonus thing that would come in handy sometimes.