Arbitrary Omissions From Midi Mappings

So here I am, finally running 2.5 and planning out how best to map my BCR2000 to Renoise, now that MIDI mapping has been vastly improved. And although I can now do most of the things I want, there seem to be some strange omissions. Why can’t I, for example, MIDI-map things like:

  • Track delay
  • Pattern length
  • Instrument envelope params
  • Zooming and cursor movement in sample editor
  • Any params under Automation/Instrument Settings/Song Settings

Is it simply a question of “not yet implemented” or is it a conscious decision to tailor MIDI mappings for live tweaking use rather than production use? Personally I like to map anything that’s better suited to a knob than to a mouse drag, even if it’s not a param you’d tweak during playback.