Arch audio plays super slow

I’ve been trying to get Renoise/ALSA set up on Arch but whenever I play any audio through it (samples, tracks, etc.) the audio plays super slow. Almost like the sample rate is set super low.

I can play wav files using sox and they sound good.

I tried setting the CPU frequency scaling governor to “performance” and giving my user realtime privileges in /etc/security/limits.conf to no avail.

Could it just be that my laptop isn’t powerful enough to run Renoise (i5, 8gb ram)?

Edit: Thank you all for your help. I didn’t realize I needed to manually start jackd for Renoise to use JACK. Works as expected now.

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I don’t use Arch so I am not going to be able to provide specific things to try. That said, how does it work with Jack? How does Reaper play back audio (note that the Reaper demo is free to use, so it is a good app to test and compare with)? I’ve read of people having issues with playback speed after their computers wake up from sleep, could this be something worth exploring - maybe doing a complete restart and running Renoise (or Reaper) first thing after boot? Do you have other audio interfaces to try?

From experience, when a laptop is not powerful enough, sound becomes choppy, distorted, and glitchy, not slowed down. Other than that, this smells to me like a driver issue.

Just try using jack with either qjackctl or cadence.

I read on internet that some people are happy with pipewire but didnt tried it myself yet.

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I can recommend pipewire, follow the steps here.
If you have any problems let me know and I will try to help.


Hey @mavleop - for music it has to be jack. Alsa is not an option.

I had this, on arch. My solution was either to bump up the alsa buffer size, or switch to jack.

Agreed with @IsItWashable , pipewire will make your life wonderful! It might be default on your distro of arch?

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I thought jack runs on top of ALSA. Am I wrong?

at the moment I’ve no linux machine here but usually you would run qjackctl or cadence to launch the jack server. In the renoise audio preferences you can then select jack. As far as I remember, that’s quite it.

jack uses alsa drivers only