Archiving VST for Current & Future users

After a long absence and the hard drive on my previous machine scratching it’s last rotation - I had to start digging around old haunts for VST’s; unfortunately, Renoise Resources (aka: loopproject) is totally lost/necro and I lost a lot of really good plugins when they disappeared. So, I’ve come back here, to the forums, in the hopes that those of us still present can restart the archiving and updating of places to go & names of your favorite plugins that you are willing to share with the rest of the community:

Free VST:

DSK Music I have used and still use a lot of their VST; it’s all free and like most users they just ask that you make a donation to help keep it going.
Free Music Software
Plugin Boutique

A word of warning - I’ve noticed more and more that the Free VST sites have had to use numerous adclick advertisements to keep their sites up; with download buttons for crappy adware conspicuously close to the download buttons for the VST; these ads are usually placed directly above and/or below the actual VST you are trying to download - read carefully and be aware of what you are clicking/downloading.

Other VST’s that I’ve recently began playing around with:

TAL’s Noisemaker (this one is ridiculously entertaining & fun!)

Edit: A forum member by the name of fps had uploaded a zip file for his Yoshimi pads - It doesn’t look like fps is still around unfortunately but, I don’t think he’d mind if I added his pads to the archiving list:

FPS’s Yoshimi Pads

I go to KVR or Google.

Look at this thread for VSTs: Recommended Freeware Vst-plugins
You’ll find a couple of VSTs to chew on there i should think.

Now for other resources there are tools posted in the tools section and there are lots of instruments and doofers being posted in the Tips & Tricks section all the time, most of them way more usable than the average of the instruments from looproject. Not so strange as the new sampler kicks the living shit out of the old one.

I should have thought to look in “Tips & Tricks” - that thread is a fantastic collection! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

It also helps when people throw in their thoughts/opinions of the VST they have tried and use; I find that it wears on me now, to sift through hours of plugins - I rarely consider anything “bad” because I can tweak it and manipulate it but, there are days when I just can’t do it all.