Ardour in my hands again

I’m trying Ardour again in linux.
Anybody like Ardour?

I remember from past that ardour is not maybe good choice for electronic music production when using linux.

i’m not using ardour that much, but i do mixbus32c which is based on ardour + some harrison’s specific emulations… For electronic stuff i’d recommend bitwig, which i use almost all the time…

yes, i know bitwig but i just trying once again ardour because it’s included on ubuntu studio.

my personal view - it’s great for editing tasks (vocals especially), but as for mixing/editing (acoustic/band material) in general it’s very good. Learning few shortcuts can make editing a breeze!
tab < add marker
q < go to left marker
w < go to right marker
z < zoom to selection - when zoomed it zooms out so it’s really awesome
p < move playhead to edit cursor
1 < lock/glide/ripple switch edit mode
4 < snap?
and so on…


i’ve noticed that also…it’s very very good in mixing and editing…fast and easy!

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yeah but i consider mixing almost on same level, even better in bitwig, but editing, that’s another level… ardour is top choice for me :slight_smile:

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