Are Native Instruments plugins compatible with Hi DPI mode?

I’ve just set up a new laptop (Windows 10, nvidia graphics) with renoise and my usual plugins. This is the first time I’ve tried to use Renoise on a 4k screen.

Here’s my problem: When I open Massive or Kontakt, their UI is completely broken. With auto-scaling on, the plugin window does not update. If I try to turn a knob or open a menu, there is no visual feedback until I close and re-open the window.

If I turn off auto-scaling for these plugins, the ui works, but it’s about the size of an altoids tin. I don’t see any settings within the plugins themselves that have to do with scaling.

The plugins scale just fine in Reaper, as do the standalone versions of Massive and Kontakt.

So has anyone else run into this issue?

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I resorted to using windows magnifier settings. but I just checked and yeah… I have the same issue. Tbh though I don’t increase the scaling from renoise, I just did to see what your post was referring to. I can’t say it bothers me but Ihave changed the resolution of my second screen in the past… sorry man.

No worries. I always expect some hiccups when setting up new hardware.

I just tried magnifier (I always forget it’s there) and I think I can work with that. Once I get my docking station I’ll try a second (lower-res) monitor.


I use quite a few of them without any issues in 4K… Reaktor, Guitar Rig and a few others. I don’t use Massive or Kontact though so I don’t know about those. I do have the Renoise UI scaled up quite a bit but I don’t know if that affects the plugins

Once you have disabled auto-scaling, on the upper left corner of Massive X you have a drop down menu (downward arrow right next to the logo). I have set the ‘View Size’ to 200% and everything looks fine.
No need for magnifier :wink: …you might need to change some setting in Reaper, though, to make it not be that huge there.


I guess Kontakt could have some similar setting somewhere? Don’t know, because I don’t have it.!

Do you manage to save your own presets with Massive X ? I cant type the name of the presets when trying to save , very frustrating.

Yes, it works here.


I just click the disk icon next to the preset selector’s up/down arrow, and this dialog shows up.

Maybe your User folder isn’t set up properly?
To verify click on the same menu from before (where you can adjust ‘view size’) and select ‘View User Preset folder’. If nothing shows up, or the path is wrong, then you might need to reinstall the plugin or mess with the registry to fix the path.

Thank you Sqeetz. My user folder is set properly.
When im trying to type a preset name , it just play note from the renoise sampler. Event cut and paste from a texte file dont work.

Ah! On the bottom of the plugin Window turn on “Enable Keyboard”. This way Renoise passes key strokes to the plugin.


Damn ! never seen this option , it was right in front of my eyes !
Thank you very much and sorry for the off topic.


A large part of the older plugins, and even recent ones, use fixed-size images for their skins. They are not vector images. For higher screen resolutions there are only 2 solutions (with Windows 10):

  1. Enable Renoise scaling for the plugin. If this option is activated, the plugin will be seen with the scaling set to Renoise. In most cases, it will make the plugin look bigger but blurrier, less sharp. This loses a lot of charm. But better that than going blind. The plugin is embedded in a Windows window. This option forces to scale this window.
  2. Use the plugin’s own scaling (depends on the plugin). The plugin skins are prepared for various resolutions, either with multiple equal images of different sizes or vector images.

Massive and Kontakt are in the first group. Moving to the second group involves investing money, resources (programmers / graphic designers) to adapt the skin to different resolutions. It is investing in old software and that NI seems not to accept it. You will see new plugins, like Massive X, with its own scaling, but I don’t think that NI will lift a finger with its old software. With Kontakt perhaps, because it is a widely used program, but with the rest I doubt it very much. Regarding Kontakt, they are certainly taking too long. If it is not something that directly makes money, they will not. These companies are not there to satisfy the customer, they are there to make money.

Yeah… I have Guitar Rig 5 Pro and although they are still selling it full price, I don’t believe they will update their GUI to fit hires monitors anytime soon, better yet: ever…

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Similar situation here - new laptop with 4k screen. NI stuff unusable. The only thing that worked for me was disabling HiDPI support at the OS level. Then play with Windows scaling and Renoise scaling to suit.

I take my previous comment back, I was in 1440p and didn’t realize it. I’ve since switched to 4K desktop res and yep, NI plugins are screwing up, can’t select patches or anything. The good news is that they seem to work fine in 2K.

EDIT: "Setting scaling in the DPI properties to “System” fixed it all for me.