Are Renoise songs loaded entirely in RAM?

Something I’ve been curious about. I think maybe so because Renoise doesn’t do disk streaming, but I’m not sure (maybe it does stream samples from inside its packed folder). Basically I’m wondering if the computer’s RAM is the limiting factor for how much sample data you can have in a song.

AFAIK I would imagine that if you try and load/create a song file larger than what is allocatable to Renoise, you will probably get an error (at best):
Another factor are vst’s that want memory (that isn’t available). In which case it’ll probably crash the vst(s) and Renoise.

Okay I just ran a test, loading a 1.04 GB sample into Renoise. Each time I copied it, Renoise’s memory usage went up 1.3 GB. Deleting it freed up that RAM. So it appears that yes, all samples are loaded into RAM.

I believe that disabling autoseek may save on a bit of CPU, so Renoise doesn’t have to calculate where a sample would start. I don’t know how complex that is though.

Yes, Also using 24bit instruments or especially 24bit Multi-Velocity Instruments will load up RAM well beyond any 16bitters…No Good…Better to use VSTi…