Are There Any Native Linux 64-Bit Vst Plugins?

I’m currently looking into updating our product line to include 64-bit support for the Linux VST plugins. Renoise does seem to recognize the native 64-bit plugins, but not without a few issues, most pressingly:

  • All instruments are being categorized as Track DSPS.
  • The “Ext Editor” button is absent, meaning I can’t access the plugin interfaces.

Before I started bothering Team Renoise with bug reports, does anyway know of any other native 64-bit Linux VST plugins? And if so, do they work fine in Renoise?

I have a feeling there aren’t any (yet), but I thought I’d just throw the question to the crowd in case someone knows something I don’t!

Thanks in advance.

Very nice if Loomer plugins would be available in 64-bit!

Aren’t Wolpertinger and mda VST instruments/plugins also 64-bit? (I must admit that I’m quite confused regarding what is what with Linux & VSTs.)

EDIT: Wolpertinger: “The code should also build on 64-bit systems now.

In my 64-bit Renoise (Ubuntu 10.04), Ext. Editor for Wolpertinger works, mda instruments pop up Renoise’s own sliders.

I’d not heard of Wolpertinger before, but this sounds exactly like it fits the bill. Thanks t-sys!

Hi Loomer,

I have no idea about others 64bit plugins but looking forward to see and purchase them.

What is your licence policy, like Renoise / EnergyXT - one license per all operating systems?

Do you have DSSI versions of your plugins?


Hi Bluszcz

Yes, we have a similarly liberal licensing policy to Renoise/XT. Basically, your purchase gives you a serial key which works for any operating system or plugin format. A single licence can, for example, be used on your home computer, laptop, and studio machine. The license details are elaborated a bit further on our support page, if you’re interested.

DSSI plugin support is on the development to-do list, but we’ve no idea when (or indeed if) we’ll get around to it. There just hasn’t been much call for DSSI to be honest, particularly in comparison to requests for Linux 64-bit VST (or even LV2). Of course, if enough people ask, we’ll take a serious look at implementing DSSI support all the sooner.


Solution found: The problem seems due to the version of the VSTSDK against which the plugins are built. Using VSTSDK 2.3 causes the problems witnessed above; building against VSTSDK 2.4 works perfectly. Thanks again t-sys: finding a working 64-bit plugin saved me a lot of headache here.

I will purchase Aspect as soon as you release a 64-bit Linux version of it. Glad to hear you’re working on it!

Ok, thank you for reply - I will take a look at the demos.

By the way, MDA is available as native Linux 64-bit VST.

You can download it here:

Just checked it with Renoise 2.8.0 x86_64. The MDA Piano plugin works fine. :)