Are There Keboard Shortcuts To Control Block Size?

Are there Keboard Shortcuts to Control Block Size?
Can’t seem to find them.

no there isn’t.
I dream that we could have hotkeys to halve and double block size (and selection area!)
who’s with me?

im with you. it’d be great to be able to cycle through these, and to define the as the ones you really want…

Indeed I was thinking recently about halve/double selection in the sample editor. But it would be great if these are universal, for any selection (and the block area).

yes it would be nice if these could be universal,as subset pointet out :dribble:

I’d really like to have this too. It’s one of the few things that forces me to go for the mouse.

Ah well. Thanks for replying. :)

Also, I thought adjusting block size by Edit Step value might be nice.

I expect these kind of live enhancing features to get thorough attention in a future update, I hope :slight_smile: