Are these Sonivox plugins recommendable?

Today I found some good deals (some have a time limited 100% discount) on the pluginboutique website.

Then I stumbled upon these Sonivox Orchestral strings in a time limited offer for a 99% discount - for only 1 $. Seems to be a very good sounding plugin for a very good sounding price.

Also this also sounds cool.

I just wonder…if I should get it for that price and sample it with Renoise. :w00t:

Does anybody have experiences with Sonivox? Would you recommend to get them?

Ah, dang, this looks like a nice package.

I happen to have a licence for twist, which I do not like at all, but may give nice resampling material after endless fiddeling.

The orchestra stuff, drums and guitar stuff raises some interest here. I happen to love tracked metal, necta-style, always in search for good guitar samples.

Decisions, decisions… shall I go samples, izotope ozone, geist2 upgrade or save up for a Novation Circuit. Or just buy some more ice cream? Idunno…

I was hesitating, in Youtube you see more sales videos than tutorials or finished songs with Sonivox. And I do not now anything about their reputation. But, what I can hear, it sounds all very good.

And currently, you pay only less than 60 Pound for the upgrade from your Twist licence to the full package, instead of 317 for the full package. :slight_smile:

As it is necessary to own one of their plugins to get the update, I decided to buy their vocoder, which is also currently -91% on sale, then upgraded to the instruments collection :panic:Again I spent more than I planned…

First impression is good - the vocoder is very cool - and 35 GB of instruments are still downloading. The synths Wobble and Twist seem to be not very flexible, but we will see what’s possible.

Hm, the circuit. :wink:

Later I will have a look in the presets if there are any metal guitars.

Basically there are these two models inside (sound example on the website):

But, maybe you prefer these: