Are you folks using 64 bit?

I have windows 7 64 bit, but never ran any daws in 64 bit. I use sylenth, massive and fm8 and they all support 64. Main reason was some of my plugins are not 64 bitt
Just wondered anything i needed to know about this because i see where i can download the 64 bit version and im rather tempted. Some plugs i like to use are not 64 and even though I plan to mainly use dsp fx, i am sure i will want to utilize some 3rd party compressors and verbs i own.

My computer is a quad core phenom and i have 4 gigs of ram…so is this pretty much a no brainer or is there anything i need to know?

Tried searching for 64 bit info in here but got no results probably due to the 2 number search.

I use 64 bit renoise with the 32 bit plugn in bridge with no problems. be aware that you won’t be able to use rewire to a 32 bit application. (max/msp for example).

other than that, it’s fine.

Sme as PlugPlayBoom here.
I run renoise in 64bit with 64bit plugins and 32bit plugins at the same time.
No problems whatsoever.

Also be aware that bridged plugins won’t be able to see eachother. -> some plugins depend on sharing the same memory space in order to be able to communicate with eachother (Instrument and effect plugin e.g.) though in bridged mode each get their own isolated memory space, so you won’t be able to use such plugins (depending on which versions are bridged, if you use Renoise 32-bit, 64-bit plugins won’t see eachother and if you use 64-bit Renoise, 32-bit plugins won’t see eachother).

Thanks guys. Im trying my best not to ask a lot of questions as I have found a ton of tutorials I am going through, but the OS stuff can get hairy now and then.

Of course I forgot how rock solid this software is…lol.

Ill dload the 64bit version.

if you don’t plan to use Renoise allocating more than 2GB of RAM for it there is no actual reason for using the 64 bit version, as the audio quality won’t benefit at all. the reason for modern DAW being available as 64bit executables is that so they can use more than 2GB of memory, and this is normally useful only when using large sample-based VST instruments (like, for example, a virtual orchestra or any of the big Native Instruments Kontakt libraries)

Well I have 4 gigs of RAM which is why I am leaning towards 64 bit. Do you think in this case I should use it? My synths are fairly powerful on CPU.

BTW, cool music. It reminds me of a more technical John Scofield.

if you have 4GB of RAM it’s quite likely that you won’t be able to use much more than 2GB (which is the top limit of any 32bit software) for Renoise anyway, since a considerable part of the memory will be used by the OS itself. Also, take in count that programs which use big amounts of memory often need to have consecutive blocks of free memory addresses in order to use them, so the actual amount of available memory will be less than the free amount reported by the system.

in the end, if you only use synths, you should be fine with the 2GB limitation and 32bit version of Renoise, while if you use huge sample libraries, you should use the 64bit edition and buy more RAM, as 4GB wouldn’t be enough to really benefit from 64bit version.

in what seems to be your scenario, I think that 32bit should be enough. Check your task manager to see how much memory a standard song of yours actually uses in Renoise.

If you have 4GB, you could gain an extra GB with the /3G option as a system startup parameter. Your platform also reserves some of that 4GB ram and Renoise needs some, so you will end up with roughly 3GB anyway.

Have at least 6GB of RAM, in that case i would call it beneficial, but if you already consider 6GB, then consider 8GB instead and a new main PCB and CPU.
Other things that you have to take in your calculations are that you probably have to reregister plugins that have challenge/response keys based on your system hardware.

Ok great. Ill stay basic for now. when I load up a tutorial track in renoise that is pretty complex, it hits about %20 or so so I should be fine.

I haven’t tried it in a while, but I seem to recall something about the keyboard behavior being suboptimal using 64 bit renoise. I might be wrong, but I seem to recall not being able to play keyboard notes in a bridged window…

If i run two instances of renoise, that totals to 64 bit, right? :lol: :lol: :lol: