Here’s what I have so far, after a few hours of work. I’d appreciate feedback.

Finished (or very close) version:

again very nice build-up man! very solid transitions. one minor detail, the bassline at 2,5 minutes is too wide and loses it bass impact then. now it sounds as if it’s outside the song almost, maybe you can also subtly mix in the original bassline underneath the wide one (offcourse on its own channel) without the chorus or widener fx you have used now. you could also filter off the top with a low pass so it would only add a basscenter for the middle of your wide bassline and make it more whole and present.

later on you introduce the bassline also without the wide fx but then it loses interest because it becomes a bit dull. you could keep it more interesting by creating the centerlayer and the widelayer and keep playing variations between them so they interact with each other kind of :)

Again, thanks for the tips. :)