Arguru Legacy Rareware up over at OldschoolDAW>>>

Had someone at warmplace request Aodix 4.2 skins which pushed me into posting a lionshare of the late Arguru’s coding projects…So have a look & grab one or all for safe keeping or ACTUAL USE…yes, YES, THAT would be impressive…

If anybody, ANYBODY has Aodix 2.34 I am looking for it in a BAD (good) WAY!!

LOL so impressive how many projects Arguru programmed. He really was a creative programmer, I think this is rarely seen in the world. On the other hand, it is impressive what Taktik and his team made out of Noisetrekker. He took the project and turned it actually into something professional. And this is one little point I was always kind of annoyed: Arguru seemed to never “finish” his creative work, so most of his versions very pretty unstable and missing some elementary things. A pity that Aodix never was open sourced then… I mean, the remaining DiscoDSP does not seem to have intentions to continue development here. Ok, maybe it can be considered as totally outdated from a today’s perspective. I have no real clue here.

Opinions vary & that is OK…Well, Arguru DID experiment alot with the trackers yes…But DID complete VST-VSTi Directwave, HighLife & numerous others give him that credit please as he is not here to defend himself by offering retort here & now…

Renoise professional…Yes, I guess, a bit overdone as I think @ version 2.5 was pretty optimal and always ‘stuffing’ new features won’t make anybody a better musician if one does not WORK at becoming a better musician…

I wish renoise had made a companion piano roll like they promised back in Feb of 2003-

And NOT the addon 3rd party thing that looks dreadful but more organic like what Arguru did with Aodix 4 which works beautiful…One’s where you gotta go to a different screen or window NOT the same…

I think Taktik hates the piano roll from early on so probably Phazze wanted it but got overruled…READ HERE-

As far as things being wrong with Arguru’s various trackers absolutely but if you know what to lookout for it’s no problem, I am not bothered by workarounds & actually like the challenge. After doing that test tune in H8 Tracker 1.90 beta Arguru’s stuff appears sparkling in comparison…Plus FREE no ripoff…

I find there’s something wrong with EVERYTHING! Yes, even new renoise without even having used it…It no longer 32bits, way too many features for streamlined workflow, uses way too much RAM loading numerous XRNI (SVArTracker has direct-from-disc or RAM option), won’t work on XP, does not look friendly for small screens now…

This is my OWN opinion from MY own perspective…I’m SURE in this renoise biased forum there will be many retorts…

Hey…Maybe somebody can clarify but as renoise is over 20 years old now should it not be able to read every possible sampler format out there? I don’t see where it does as it appears to be audio formats & XRNI?

There seems to be strange things about…SORT THIS OUT-

Ableton Live 11’s SAMPLER is no longer supporting various sampler formats it used to-

What kind of garbage move is that? Even Ableton 9 no AKAI support?! I would be pissed if I used it as I have a ton of AKAI…

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I’ll keep an eye out if I find it, pretty sure I have it somewhere backed up on dvd.

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yep very prolific indeed. I’m not a programmer, but I wonder like with music, if you can have some kind of template under the hood where you can add gui elements etc, have some kind of structure already layed out. Or he started from scratch every project?

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This is very cool. Thanks Iconoklast.

I don’t have Aodix v. 2.34, unfortunately.

Do you, by any chance, have other versions of FastFuck3r and Traxvox than the ones you posted there? I have xfm modules that I wrote back then that I can’t open with those you made available. I know there was a version 5 of traxvox at some point. Unfortunately, I can’t find it anywhere anymore (not on, sadly, and I haven’t backed it up).


Library of classes

@Iconoklast Do you still need Aodix 2.34 ?

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

(pass is aodix)

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my life would be complete if there was a macOS (Intel/Apple Silicon) version of DiscoDSP ThrillMe, EQ30 and Nightshine. thems were great.

Hey thanks for that Aodix!! I actually got it many weeks ago just could not access the forum…