Arguru's Aodix

I didn’t hear much about it, I installed the demo today, and…well not bad.
Don’t want to switch yet, but as you may know I’m very interested in a line in solution for Renoise.

In Aodix there is a modular solution for this and other purposes.
check it out.

i havent explored aodix too much, so i can be wrong but on the first impression IMO, what aodix lacks is one of the main weapons that tracker should have: internal sampler that you can manipulate through patter (effect) commands. At least for me that featrure is one of the main reasons i like trackers.

looks good. the screenshots too. i’ll keep an eye on how this develops.

as i setup my asio (hdsp rpm)

ERROR: AsioStop() failed  

same error as with older versions
but it looks nice. smooth gfx and maybe there are some nifty commands for vst (as replacement for missing sampler-commands ;) )

does it take long to figure out how it works?

No it doesn’t for me it took maybe 2 hours to figure out how it works.

I tried using it a couple of times but I allways find that it lacks in some really important areas. I even wrote about it to them on their forum but I got a quite boring reply.
Othervise it would be brilliant.

Arguru has said that he is working on a sample only based tracker which will be really powerful. Because he is tired of the limitations of vstis.

Hopefully it is something like aodix combined with his sampler.

I guess arguru wants to compromise this with DirectWave ( ) but it’s still never as powerfull as a samplepool that is directly approachable (and doesn’t server multitimbral instruments only through one channel, this last problem is a limit of VST)

I think it will be as powerful. But IMO Arguru has a history of not really putting the finishing touch that is needed on his projects.
Aodix needs to be more userfriendly but is hardly developed anymore. He started renoise but it was called something else at that time and psycle but abandoned them before they were really nice enough. however since then Taktik, pulsar phazze and martinal has completly rewritten all the code and made Renoise really work.

Yes, these projects never get finished! Usually are unclean interface and don’t have much help documentation or user forums. But they always have something ‘new’.

I think Arguru is a great developer and a forward thinker. (even Renoise project came out of Taktik/Phayze/Pulsar? working off of NoiseTrekker 2 code)

I think Arguru should be on the Renoise 2.0 team developing future improvements. But if he’s not on it, oh well. Taktik has done a great enough job without him. I remember Yannick asking Arguru to help on the Madtracker 3 project.

Arguru is now supporting Fruity Loops (FL-Studio). Maybe Fruity Loops is the ‘FastTracker’ of today? (on level of popularity)

Always liked Arguru’s software, used the rather exellent Psycle before defecting to Renoise. Couldn’t bare to live without scopes!! :P

Tried Aodix a bit but didn’t get the hang of it within 10 minutes, so I quit. As the wimp I am, heh… Also tried Fruityloops when it was still just loop-making software. Like the concept of that software, but find it needless now that I have Renoise.

A sample only-tracker would be very interesting, but what I’m more interested in than anything is a GREAT tracker for Linux! I mean, I’d use Skale in a crunch, but it’s not crunch time yet.

Btw, how about VST’s in Linux? No go?

That’s it, RENOISE FOR LINUX PLZ!!! :D :D :D :D :D

damn smileys, hehe…