Arpeggiator /Step Sequencer

(ArturRembe) #1

The only thing i miss in renoise ist the arpeggiator/step sequencer in the effect channel.
A typical apreggiator with octaves 1-4 up /down /up-down/ random and “user” to type noten in 64?! Steps.
I would say, this should be possible.:slight_smile:
@dblue @taktik
Könnte man das zukünftig erwarten? Wäre es möglich?

(Jesse Schilling) #2

(taktik) #3

Renoise also supports MIDI generator plugins. See -> “MIDI Routing”, so you can use existing VST generators/arpeggiators like Cthulhu or Blue Arp or Randarp

(Jesse Schilling) #4


Dualism, from UGO Audio, is a pretty sweet arpeggiator, as well. (Its bundled with M-Theory, a Karplus-Strong hybrid synth; can be used by itself)